Feyyaz Esatoğlu

Feyyaz Esatoğlu

Senior Web Application Developer, Mid Devops

Personal Profile

Pragmatic, Not best but not least language agnostic web application developer, Can be a joker e.g. devops for the needs. Has fair OS(GNU Linux) knowledge. Loves LXC suspicious about Docker containers. Tries to figure out how bare metal works E.g. Memory Pagination, Kernel Context Switching, Cgroups Namespaces, Even more deep PAE, Registers, Transistors etc. Curious and tries to figure out all the abstraction levels from bottom up.

I'm the type of person who has the immense curiosity to know how stuff works. Just popups my mind (My inner voice: woow wonder how mysql B+ Tree indexing works directly go to the source code rush and try to read and understand related sections... Pufff crash the walls, honestly I couldn't understand many times! Then check all related documents around the internet, read articles and come back to source code to satisfy that inner voice.) It's kind of my learning style.

As a result I could say I'm a bit of everything but honestly I have no impressive experience about them. I love to learn and I'm trying to close the gap between my theoretical knowledge and experiences.

Recently I started to learn Math and ML, I play with octave and learn general ML algorithms Besides that I also improve myself on Blockchain technology, I started to learn Ethereum VM and smart contracts

Key Skills

  • Advance Level PHP 5/7
  • OOP with Design P.
  • Symfony 1.x
  • Symfony 2.x
  • Laravel/Microframeworks
  • MySQL
  • Bash
  • *Mid Level Java
  • *Mid Level Go Lang
  • *Mid Level Python
  • *Entry Level Perl
  • *Entry Level Haskell
  • Debian / Arch Linux
  • Redis / Memcached
  • Sphinx / E.Search
  • RabbitMQ
  • Data Structures, Algorithms
  • LXC / Docker Containers with good understanding of Cgroups, Namespaces
*Mid Level : I can properly develop applications, it may not be in desired design but little pursuit can make me over come that problems I all the time search for best practices to start.
*Entry Level : I understand the fundamentals, Syntax for functional languages and libraries could be challenging for imperative languages. I'm mostly confident, development cycle could be slow but result oriented.

Skills Desired To Have

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • Haskell
  • Erlang
  • R
  • Python Science Lib.(SciPy)
  • Google Tensorflow
  • Possible Bigdata related concepts
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Solidity/Blockchain/EVM/Smart Contracts

Work Experience

Backend Developer at Lightspeed eCom (Amsterdam)

October 2016 - Present

  • This is my first international professional work experience and I'm new in eCom business.

  • In our stack, I'm a backend developer, I work across several products Restful apis, some legacy codebase, microservices with good test coverage.

  • I improved my team collaboration skills and work methodologies here and I started to learn eCom specific constraints and requirements.

Backend Developer at Tasit.com

July 2013 - May 2016

  • In our stack, I'm a backend developer, I write Symfony 2.X code with other 3 backend developers, on the other hand I help our devops for any automation process. I write automation scripts in SQL, PHP, Bash, GO, Java depends for the needs.

  • We use following technologies in our stack : PHP, MySQL, Symfony 1.x, 2.x, Rabbit MQ, Sphinx, Elastic Search, Ansible, Jira/Kanban and Git as a version control system decorated by git flow and sure we follow semantic versioning.

  • We migrated, rewrited our all Symfony 1.x applications to Symfony 2.x as an API-Centric project I did touch almost everywhere. We are a Car Classified and Rent web site, one of our crucial feauture is search. Before Elastic Search we were using Sphinx I did many changes on it, setted up delta main indexes some performance related improvements. Now we are using Elastic Search.

  • I optimized search related process I profiled application and find bottlenecks, I take care to webmaster tools for Crawl Stats, Crawl Errors and Daily Crawl Rate. I increased daily crawl rate from ~ 40.000 to ~ 370.000. I learned many things about programatic SEO and methods to become findable.

Fullstack Dev/Devops at Petsnjoy.com

June 2015 - June 2016

  • I contribute in several processes : Architecture, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Development and Automations, Documentation (Functional and Technical Specs.)

  • I used Trello as a kanban board

  • Git, Bitbucket, Git Flow, Semantic Versioning.

  • Ansible for provisioning, Capistrano for deployment.

  • Wrote several pieces of functional and technical requiremet docs for the other devs.

  • Followed best practices and designed project %100 Localized and Internationlized with Symfony 2.8.

  • Nginx 1.9.5 with the Http 2 with good Validation and Caching.

  • PHP 5.6 with the aggressive opcode optimization.

  • RabbitMQ for SMS, Email, Error Logging, Payment, Purpose of ease of Scale.

  • Redis for Doctrine Cache, any key value storage needs.

  • Elastic Search for Geo Location and Search.

  • HTML 5, Compass / Sass for the UI needs.

  • Cloud based media processing (images etc.) and internal CDN to decrease cloud usage, less IO operations.

Software Developer at W3 Digital

August 2012 - June 2013 (11 Months)

  • For the requirements I worked as a Configuration manager for the side job at there, I configure it company project management tool, and give hand to plan production processes.

  • We were using Active Collab there. I did configure all required cycles and performance measure based structure.

  • I did help to incremental backup automation to backup internal documents, codebase, database with the help of AWS S3, Glacier

  • I was spending %80 of my energy to the PHP backend more specifically model development, All API related tasks e.g : crawling, crons, etc. integrations and ensuring data reliablity of their social media analyze tools.

  • I worked with many APIs e.g Youtube, Facebook, Crazy Egg, Double Click, Twitter, AWS, Some sort of social media sentiment analysis apis.

Fullstack Developer at Krombera

November 2011 - June 2012 (9 Months)

  • When I was working here I was also student in another city, I was working home office but not freelancing

  • I did write company CMS project and write more than dozen websites with it. Websites wasn't so complicated. But companies were big

  • Stack : PHP, Mysql, Memcached, CSS, Pure Js, Jquery, GNU Linux.

Trainee Programmer at Botego

May 2011 - July 2010 (3 Months)

  • I attended there for the school training program. The company was working on Natural Language Processing(Turkish)

  • I worked on chatter bots, mostly ui related jobs and chat work flow.

Trainee Programmer at Idea Crash (Company Closed)

May 2009 - January 2010 (8 Months)

  • My first real professional work exprience started here, Before here I was also programmer but doing school jobs, hobbiest etc.

  • The company had the CMS and CRM tools I was making websites and sort of bug fixing.

  • I worked for them as freelancer after leave( for school) too.

  • Stack : PHP, Mysql, CSS, JS, XHTML, GNU Linux.


Kocaeli University - Turkey

Technical Education Faculty, Computer Teaching. 2007 - 2013

In Turkey things are sometimes misconcepted, the point here is Technical Education faculties, these faculties are either engineering and education faculties. If you like to know more about please check following research Transformation of Technical Education Faculties

75.Yıl DMO Anatolian Technical Computer High school

Computer Hardwares, 2003 - 2007

This school was dedicated to Computer Hardwares, I get quality of education here. I learned algorithm and high level programming, Electric, Electronic Circuit Elements, Basic Assembler Programming, Flip-flops, very basic cpu programming etc.

My very first static web experience started here, javascript, html, css, flash 5