Feyyaz Esatoğlu

Feyyaz Esatoğlu

Senior Web Application Engineer, Mid DevOps

Personal Profile

Pragmatic, Not best but not least language agnostic web application developer, Can be a joker e.g. DevOps for the needs. Has fair platform knowledge loves containerization and cloud-native approach.

I worked with both AWS and GCP and embraced the IaaC approach. I am confident with the services that have everyday use-case for core web application development provided by cloud platforms.

10 years of experience as a software engineer, I recently focus on my team collaboration skills more to increase team throughput and help reducing silos if there are any. I Love async communication with right amount of tool support.

I use modern techniques and have holistic view to the business problems, I respect opportunity cost considering the best interest of business when approaching to a POC, Minimum viable or Minimum marketable product.

Tech Skills

  • Advance level PHP 7/8.X
  • OOP Design P. / tactical DDD
  • Data Structures&Algorithms(not fresh recently)
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Hexagonal architecture
  • UAT, BDD with Cucumber, TDD
  • Git, atomic fashion
  • AWS, GCP, IaaC
  • MySQL
  • Bash/Make and glue scripting in variety of langs.
  • Debian/Linux
  • Docker/K8s/Helm/Mesh
  • *Low-Level Java
  • *Mid-Level Typescript
  • *Mid-Level Go
  • Elasticsearch
*Low Level: I have developed small applications with it, I understand the concepts in these languages, I can develop applications with it despite there will be several weeks to speed up with.
*Mid Level: I'm currently fresh with the language, I use daily.

Soft Skills

  • 5 years experience working with Scrum/Kanban and Agile methodologies
  • Problem solver
  • A Team player
  • Mentoring less experienced developers
  • Business and progress-oriented

My Grow Path

  • Good understanding of Architectural patterns and their evolution
  • Grow to a Software Architect as a Principal Engineer
  • Distributed systems with a good understanding of their consistency models

Work Experience

Software engineer at Mollie Payments in Amsterdam

August 2019 - Present

  • I work here at the heart of the payments a.k.a payment processing team. Everything from payment initiation to finalization is our responsibility and we ensure this process works reliably.

  • I took several initiatives in the company regarding standardizing monitoring and logging tools that followed by rearchitecting effort.

  • Recently we formed a new team to rearchitect the payment processing in Mollie which I involved in the UAT and BDD side of the effort I find the chance to experiment with Typescript and BDD idiom to articulate and verify behaviors.

  • In addition to my prior cloud-native experience, here we embrace devops culture and I find the chance to interact with GCP and terraform.

Senior backend developer at InSided in Amsterdam

March 2018 - August 2019

  • I worked here as a senior backend developer.

  • I initiated a refactoring effort that decreased the time spent on maintaining a complicated deployment pipeline and a massive cleanup to get rid off variety of toils which simplified many flows in the running software.

  • My first experience with IaaC started here, all infrastructure was running on AWS platform and part of the infrastructure was already articulated using the Cloudformation tool, my take away here I learned good amount of details about cloud-native approach and actively involved in transformation stage.

  • I find the chance to experiment with Qlik sense / Qlik view which helped me to understand some challenges that data engineers deal with and how data processing done in such tools.

Backend developer at Lightspeed eCom in Amsterdam

October 2016 - January 2018

  • This is my first international professional work experience and I'm new in the eCom business.

  • I'm a mid-senior backend developer in our stack, I work across several products Restful APIs, a large legacy codebase, microservices with good test coverage.

  • I had the role of building the very first microservices in the company and I had an active role in building a heavy load capacity geolocation service which is actively using in the US, Canada and Europe.

  • I improved my team collaboration skills and work methodologies here and I started to learn eCom specific constraints and requirements.

Backend developer at Tasit.com in Istanbul

July 2013 - May 2016

  • In our stack, I work as a backend developer, using Symfony 2.X code with other 3 backend developers, besides I help our DevOps for any automation process. using a spectrum of languages for automation purposes in SQL, PHP, Bash, Golang, Java depends on the needs.

  • We use the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, Symfony 1.x, 2.x, Rabbit MQ, Sphinx, Elasticsearch, Ansible, Jira/Kanban and Git as a version control system decorated by git-flow and sure we follow semantic versioning.

  • We migrated, rewritten our all Symfony 1.x applications to Symfony 2.x as an API-Centric project I did touch almost everywhere. We are a Car Classified and Rent web site, one of our crucial feature is search. Before Elastic Search we were using Sphinx I did many changes to it, set up delta main indexes and some performance-oriented improvements. Now use Elasticsearch.

  • I optimized the search and related processes by profiling applications and finding its bottlenecks. I kept a close eye on google webmaster tools for crawl-stats, crawl-errors and daily-crawl-rate. I increased the daily crawl rate from ~40.000 to ~370.000. I learned many things about programmatic SEO and methods to become findable.

Fullstack Dev/DevOps at Petsnjoy.com in Istanbul

June 2015 - June 2016

  • I contribute to several processes such as Architecture, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Development and Automations, Documentation (Functional and Technical Specs.)

  • I used Trello as a kanban board.

  • Git, Bitbucket, Git Flow with Semver.

  • Ansible for provisioning, Capistrano for deployment.

  • Wrote functional and technical requirements docs for the critical part of the system for other devs.

  • Followed best practices and designed project %100 Localized and Internationlized with Symfony 2.8.

  • Nginx 1.9.5 with the Http 2 with Http Invalidation and Caching.

  • PHP 5.6 with opcode optimization.

  • RabbitMQ for SMS, Email, Payment, Ease of scale.

  • Redis for Doctrine Cache, any key-value storage needs.

  • Elastic Search for GeoLocation and Search.

  • HTML 5, Compass / Sass for the UI needs.

  • Cloud-based media processing (images etc.) and internal CDN to decrease cloud usage, less I\O operations.

Software developer at W3 Digital in Istanbul

August 2012 - June 2013 (11 Months)

  • For the requirements, I worked as a configuration manager partially and configured its company project management tool.

  • We were using Active Collab. I configured all the required cycles.

  • I helped to incremental backup automation to backup internal documents, codebase, database using AWS S3, Glacier.

  • I was spending most of my time as a PHP backend engineer wiring in-house social media analyzing tools with a variety of APIs e.g Youtube, Facebook, Crazy Egg, Double Click, Twitter integrating them, crawling and most important ensuring data reliability.

Fullstack developer at Krombera in Istanbul

November 2011 - June 2012 (9 Months)

  • I developed a company CMS project and write more than a dozen websites with it. Websites weren't so complicated. But companies were big and this CMS tool fit perfectly into their day-to-day business needs properly and was sufficient for many years.

  • Stack: PHP, Mysql, Memcached, CSS, Pure Js, Jquery, GNU Linux.

Trainee programmer at Botego in Istanbul

May 2011 - July 2011 (3 Months)

  • School trainee program. The company was working on Natural Language Processing for the Turkish language.

  • I worked on chatterbots, mostly UI related tasks and some work flows related to chatting.

Trainee Programmer at Idea Crash in Istanbul

May 2009 - January 2010 (8 Months)

  • Real-world programming and professional experience just started right here.

  • The company had the CMS and CRM tools I was building websites and committing to bug fixing. We were using SVN :)

  • I continued with them remotely later on.

  • Stack : PHP, Mysql, CSS, JS, XHTML, GNU Linux.


Kocaeli University - Turkey

Technical Education Faculty, Computer Science and Teaching. 2007 - 2013

I studied computer science and teaching methodologies.

75.Yıl DMO Anatolian Technical Computer High school

Computer Hardware, 2003 - 2007

This school was dedicated to computer hardware. I studied algorithms and high-level programming, electric, electronic circuit elements, basic assembler programming, flip-flops, very basic CPU programming and so on.

My very first static web experience started here, javascript, HTML, CSS, flash 5